Huge thank you!!!

I would like to take a moment to congratulate SSS on yet another successful regatta.

It is always a pleasure to come to the regattas at SSS due, for the most part, to the wonderful people you all are.
We have always been assisted in any way necessary nothing has ever been a problem, and having the club members volunteer to add to staff is fantastic! True sailors!!!
Twice now we have been taken care of by a very willing club and youth sailing program.
We (rather embarrassingly!) lost an opti on the Skyway causeway last season and you chaps stepped in and lent us a hull without batting an eyelid. Then this Labour day regatta when we had no coach you all could not have been more accommodating and the 420 coach kept an eye on my lads and provided an island for them during the whole regatta.
Your entire program is a model for all sailors, and your club is amazing for its support and promotion of sailing to all the young people there.
We will look forward to the next youth sailing regatta at SSS and thank you all from the bottom of our keel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please share this in some fashion you deserve it!!
James B Nichols

2902 Gandy Blvd. Tampa
tel. 813.832.2665

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