MC’s Race after Three Day Drenching

It didn’t look good, raining a lot, some blue sky here and there, and when we arrived at the club, there was no wind with a launch time on Friday, September 18 at 5 PM.  But, then a northerly breeze kicks in at 5:30 and increases to about 12 knots.  We had six MCs on the line for practice starts and short two lap races.  Richard Elsishans ran the races from the whaler with three minute starts.  Chris Dillow from Davis Island raced Richard’s MC; others were Brian Bradley, Don Fancher, Bob Blomquist, Valdek Kwasniewski and Ted Weihe.   Brian and Don had not been out since May so were glad to get back into racing.

It is getting dark early so we plan to race MCs next Wednesday and Friday with launch time pushed up to 4 PM.  When we get more snowbirds back, we will return to E-Scows on Wednesday afternoons and MCs on Friday afternoons as temperatures begin to fall.  Our fleet captain, Jim Barr has returned with an Asymmetrical E-Scow so the fleet is slowly converting to “A’s.”

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