Dock Replacement Update

It’s been almost a year now since our aluminum floating docks really started to fall apart, so I’m guessing that many of you are wondering what, if anything, is being done to remedy this bad situation.

At this time a year ago, the C-dock floating extension was in seemingly good shape. We had just replaced, after years of talk and work, three of our fixed docks with nice new docks. Plans were being drawn for a replacement for the wave fence, and an application was made for a grant from the West Coast Inland Navigation District for its construction.

Around December of last year the hinge joints on the aluminum docks began to fail, and within a couple of months all of the joints holding the sections together were gone. At the same time, the fire line that runs the length of the dock let go and fell through the deck. After a quick talk with the person coordinating our grant app, we applied for money for the floating dock instead of for the wave fence, as the two together would be too much for us to ask for, and might lessen our chances of getting any grant at all.

Our grant app went well, and we expect to receive the money in early October. We got our permit from the DEP last week. A new survey has been drawn for us to define the area of the new dock, and an application has been submitted for a newly revised lease for the portion under State of Florida jurisdiction. Once a contractor is selected from competitive bids we have to request a lease amendment from the City Commission, a requirement of our City of Sarasota lease. We’re still waiting for a State Programmatic General Permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. The pieces are all coming together, one at a time.

In order to make the new dock stronger than the one we’re replacing, the angles are being eliminated and the joints will be of a better type.  Here is the drawing that shows the new orientation:



Dock Replacement Update — 2 Comments

  1. This new design appears to be a significant improvement. The hinge points on the existing floating docks always seemed to be the Archilles heel. I suppose with absolute constant movement, it’s inevitable they’d have a limited lifetime. Although the drawing doesn’t show a detail of the actual connection point, I assume you have this vital part worked out. It should at the very least be designed in such a way to make eventual replacement an easy operation.